About Us

The Iowa Torch: Shining a light on Iowa politics. Launched in 2020 we want to become your new trusted source of Iowa political news.

The Iowa Torch​ is a publication of 4:15 Communications, LLC. It is a for-profit news organization that focuses on political news as it relates to Iowans.

Mission: The mission of ​The Iowa Torch​ is to inform Iowans about important policy and political news from the local, state, and federal levels and engage Iowans with thoughtful commentary and analysis from a center-right perspective.

What we cover:

  • State Government: Executive Branch, Legislature, Courts
  • Federal Government: Iowa’s Members of Congress, Federal policy that impacts Iowa
  • Campaigns: Iowa Caucus, Iowa’s Congressional and U.S. Senate Races, statewide races, Iowa legislative races
  • Iowa’s Political Parties
  • Local Government
  • Education and other issues of interest to our readers.


  1. Tell the truth:​ As far as the truth can be ascertained, reporters and columnists for ​The Iowa Torch​ will tell the whole truth and seek to provide all the facts related to a story.
  2. News is news, commentary is commentary​: Readers of ​The Iowa Torch​ will know what articles are news and which articles are opinion. Our writers will not interject their personal opinion into news articles.
  3. Transparency:​ While every effort will be made to avoid conflicts of interest if one is present ​The Iowa Torch​ will disclose it. If a mistake is made in an article, we will note that an article was edited and what was changed.
  4. Fairness and Accuracy:​ ​The Iowa Torch​ will not mislead our readers or misquote sources. We will strive to make sure the facts in a story are accurate and provide the context of any quote, video clip, or audio clip referenced. If we make a mistake we will quickly and publicly correct it.
  5. Family-friendly:​ ​The Iowa Torch​ will not publish crude, graphic, or profane language or images. If the subject matter of an article is not suitable for young readers we will provide a warning at the top of the article.

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